10 ready-made DSP templates for successful social media marketing

Today, nearly three billion people actively use social networks such as: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram. How can these social networks benefit your business? The answer is simple. One of the things you need to do is create social network graphics.

Images, very useful for social media marketing

Social networks cannot be imagined without images, whether it is for advertising or just for posts. And for your advertising banner, when creating the visual content, you can use the PSD templates, ready to use, to save time. Also, try to pay more attention to the analysis of advertising campaigns. You can even use PowerPoint templates. Especially, if you need professional and universal images. This applies, not only, to presentations, but also to social media. Because, people like graphics and statistics.

PSD templates

PSD is a native format of Photoshop. In addition, it allows you to work with layers. But, to make full use of PSD templates, first, you need to know how Photoshop works. And if you've never used Photoshop before, I suggest you watch some video tutorials. To edit PSDs, you need to, just: upload the template, then change the default text to the title of the article, then add a description and finally save the image. That's all you need to do. In this collection you will find a wide range of layouts. And most importantly, they are professional for Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, Instagram and other networks.

1. Instagram Gravity Pack

Instagram is one of the most popular and active social networks in the world. So, a better element for social media marketing. Yet, an Instagram account requires constant content and experimentation to reach the audience. The requirements for quality content are also increasing. This makes new Instagram photo ideas increasingly valuable. Gravity is a beautiful set of templates for Instagram posts, which can be edited at will and uploaded for later publication in your profile.

2. Hello Pack or Hello Pack

Maybe, you just need a background for Facebook or you are just looking for a template for your company's social media marketing. In the "Hello" collection, you will find a suitable template for every theme and style, such as strict and fashionable, minimalist or colorful images. To have them, select the desired layout, change the color scheme, text size, position of elements and upload the Instagram image as a file.

3. YouTube Channel Art

Do you want your YouTube channel about cars to attract the attention of subscribers? In that case, for your marketing, YouTube Channel Art might be right for you. By the way, it is special for car business. Especially, this banner is perfectly suitable for any topic about cars, workshops, etc.

4. Angle pack, special for social media

This template pack contains different Photoshop files, for four different social media platforms. It includes Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and LinkedIn.

5. Instagram Colorful Banner Pack

This set of trendy, Photoshop-designed templates is perfect for bloggers. In particular, for those in the lifestyle, fashion, food, travel, trend setting, creative agencies and studies, entrepreneurs, advertising campaigns in social networks or online marketing in general, shopping, partner product ads as well as for personal branding.

6. Facebook Pack

This Facebook cover photo pack makes your fan page or header photo even more professional. And if the color or font of the graphic doesn't suit you, you can change it. Also, in case you need another image, you can easily change it.

7. 1000 Unique and Elegant Quotes

Currently, on social media platforms, many users like to post the sayings of old philosophers or famous personalities, as they are very popular among followers. In this file, you will find more than 1000 quotes about psychology, travel, ecology, self-development, minimalism, creativity, beauty, healthy lifestyle, etc. No doubt, they are perfect, especially, for your social media marketing.

8. Instagram Stories Pack (Vol.20)

With Instagram Stories, you can keep up to date, your audience, on important information of new products, sales, special offers, opening hours and much more. The colorful Instagram Stories package offers 10 unique files that you can use to quickly create stories. The designs are quite minimalist and modern. Thus, they can easily be adapted to various business areas such as travel or fashion. So, it's ideal as your social media marketing material.

9. Brandit social media pack

Beautiful and bright banners for your advertising campaigns on Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram. These templates can be easily modified in Photoshop. The design of the media banner pack is perfect for bloggers, online stores and lifestyle businesses. When creating the banner ads, the designers used only high quality photos. This design can be tailored to your business, profile or specific marketing goals.

10. Squares Pack

This pack includes 12 square templates, all of which are 1080*1080px in size. They are all suitable for the most popular social networks such as Instagram, Facebook and Tumblr. In a few minutes you can turn a square template into a sales banner, make an offer or a mood of the day, create an announcement for an event or a discount. In square templates you can change photos, colors, text and fonts. You can also: move, add or delete elements. This means that you can create dozens of banners based on a single template. In fact, Set "Square" is made in the style of a creative diary and is suitable for personal development projects, travel, planning, writing exercises, editing, creativity, design, coaching, personal blogging and many others. By using various social advertising tools on the Internet, you can not only effectively communicate with potential and actual consumers of goods and services, but also solve a number of other equally important tasks.
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