10 hidden web pages and important URLs to know

There are 10 of the most important links and URLs to know about on important web pages of the most used sites, which include: Google, Facebook, Spotify, Netflix, etc. Hidden web pages are those that are difficult to reach because there is no link to them. In other words, these are website pages that are online and exist, but are not indexed by Google (because you don't want them to be) and there is no way to open them if you don't know the URL. A typical example of a hidden page is files shared by seriviz that create unique links, so that those who don't know the link can't download it, like documents uploaded and shared on Google Drive. In this collection of hidden URLs, we discover the most important ones on the web to know, inside popular sites such as Google and Facebook, which lack a link to access them or because they are hard to find, placed in confusing and not really obvious option screens. Some of these pages I've talked about in the past, others are new discoveries, but all of them should be bookmarked in the browser to reach them quickly and check the valuable information they contain.

1) Read "important" emails in Gmail

In Gmail, you can discover many pages hidden from the main interface by using the search bar. For example, you can have a list of only those emails marked as important. More trivially, you can reach this page by typing on the search bar at the top: is:important . Other hidden Gmail selections and filters can be accessed using the advanced search operators in Mail and Attachments.

2) Correct or improve Netflix recommendations

Netflix recommends new content to watch based on the history of content viewed in the past. If you try to watch movies and TV shows from different genres, these suggestions can get crazy and not be good for us at all. To correct this list, it is important to go to the activity history page by opening the URL: https://www.netflix.com/viewingactivity and delete, with the X, all the contents that we do not like or that have been opened by chance and not by interest. On the same page, you can also see the list of ratings given to videos, which can be corrected to improve the tips for new things to see. In the article on Netflix tips, secret functions and settings to know we also discovered other hidden pages.

3) Disconnect applications from Facebook

Recently, there has been a lot of talk about privacy issues related to Facebook applications, so much so that the social network has been forced to make several changes, such as the one that allows you to delete applications used with your account more quickly, on the page https://www.facebook.com/settings?tab=applications. This link should always be kept under control, in order to eliminate applications that are used only once or that we do not want to maintain.

4) Restore deleted Dropbox files

Those who use Dropbox may find it useful to go and recover files deleted by mistake, which are still stored on the cloud computing site for 30 days before being permanently deleted.

5) View all your voice searches made with Google / Google Now Assistant

Google keeps a history of everything that was said on the phone with the active voice assistant and it is amazing to discover how many audio recordings there are, including those that were made by mistake. As written in the past, all Google voice commands are recorded as audio files, which can be listened to or re-listened to at this URL https://myactivity.google.com/myactivity?restrict=vaa. Of course, you can also delete them and make sure they are no longer stored.

6) Restore deleted playlists from Spotify

Although Spotify uses the app more often, on its site you can check your account information and also discover some important and interesting pages like the one that recalls all the playlists created in the past and recently deleted, which can then be recovered from this URL https://www.spotify.com/it/account/recover-playlists/.

7) Find a selection of news on Twitter

Twitter is almost unmanageable if you follow a lot of accounts, because there is just too much news. As we have already seen in the guide to using Twitter and filtering tweets We explained how to create a list, add the accounts that interest us and keep the link to see only the news in the list.

8) See your favorite Instagram tags

The Instagram site gives you the ability to only see posts and photos that contain a special tag from around the world. The URL is: https://www.instagram.com/explore/tags/roma/ . For Instagram, there are also other important pages to keep in your favorites: - Saved Posts: https://www.instagram.com/nome_utente/saved/ (replace the username with your own). - Activities on our account: https://www.instagram.com/accounts/activity/

9) List of queued videos on YouTube

If you use the "Watch Later" feature of YouTube, you can find all these videos at https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=WL. There are other important YouTube URLs: YouTube History: https://www.youtube.com/feed/history The list of followed channels: https://www.youtube.com/feed/subscriptions

10) Check where we have been in Google Maps

The Google Maps application on your cell phone, unless you explicitly refuse, records and saves all your travels. This list of Google Maps travel. You can check it on the Internet at the following address: https://www.google.com/maps/timeline

11) Important Google pages

To find other important web pages on the Google site, we can refer you to two previous articles: - the guide to Google search options - 10 curious games hidden in Google to try
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